Ceremony of Awakening 2022

Sisterhood of the Serpent Speaker Series

  1. 01
    • Welcome Soul Family!

  2. 02
    • Session One: She Who Plants The Seeds

  3. 03
    • Session Two: He Who Tends The Soil

  4. 04
    • Session Three: Those Who Nurture The Plant

We honor the endings, new beginnings and the planting of seeds for the New Year.

Join us as we gather via zoom conference calls with Elders and Wisdom keepers from all over the world to celebrate the upcoming " Ceremony of Awakening"

  • We begin this series with the feminine. Those who plant our seeds into the void of the earth where we nurture them with LOVE allowing them to sprout forward through the soil.

  • Second in our series is the masculine. Those who tends to the soil so the earth is loosened around the sprouting plants.

  • Thrid in our series will be our special guest(s). Those who nurtures the plants and feeds them with the sacred waters of the Earth.