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    • Transforming Trauma on the Spiritual Path

    • Dark Night of the Soul Presentation

    • Dark Night of the Soul Healing Meditation

There's been no shortage of chatter about the “Dark Night of the Soul”...

What does it mean??? Why does it happening???

However, the "Dark Night" is so much more than the feelings associated with it or the event that triggered it. The "Dark Night" is a full on collapse of a perceived meaning in life. It is a true challenge of the power of our personality, our relationships, and our attachments. It is a Call to Action and is a necessary piece of our spiritual development. In truth, we have asked for this change, now we must live up to its challenge.

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Leza Vivio is known widely for her abilities as a sound healer and inspirational speaker, as well as the founder of Sacred. Centered. You. She has a passion for both the scientific and intuitive, the practical and the mystical... She enjoys finding the bridges between these worlds and making them accessible to the seeker. For the last two decades, her mission has been assisting individuals find their path to personal growth and wellness by improving their awareness, understanding, and adaptability to change. In her recent years, Leza has focused her work in the healing arts field serving through Vibrational Sound Healing, Past Life & Soul Regression, Spiritual Counseling, and Conscious Relationships. In addition to degrees in Philosophy and Counseling Psychology, Leza holds a doctorate in both Divinity and Sacred Music, and is a licensed professional counselor and Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider. Leza is the Director of Vibrational Healing at the Dr. Lillian Ronzio's School of Holistic Health. She is specially trained in Vibrational Sound Healing, Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, Yoga and Meditation, Integrative Medicine, Qigong, Trauma-Informed Care, and is a practicing Reiki Master. Additionally, Leza is specially trained in Navigating Intimate Issues and Couples Counseling.

Leza Vivio

Founder of Sacred. Centered. You.